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Revenge - Revenge Is Very Good Eaten Cold download mp3

Revenge  - Revenge Is Very Good Eaten Cold download mp3
Revenge Is Very Good Eaten Cold
Heavy Metal, Speed Metal
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Watch now Revenge (29)'s video clip of album "Revenge Is Very Good Eaten Cold". Metal Is: Addiction And Obsession.

Note: - Tracks 1-3 are video-clips - Tracks 4-8 are live videos - Track 8 is actually the song "The Tombstones Screams" which is also on the track 7. Added by: ESTEBANREVENGE.

Limited to 200 copies, issued in a slim DVD case.

And then revenge is very good eaten cold, as the vulgar say. The italics are from the text, which implies that the phrase was already in use when the novel was written. As always with translations, it is a moot point as to who can claim authorship of the proverb as an English phrase - the translator, who was the first to use the expression in English, or the original author. Wherever it can be said to have originated, the proverb struck a chord in the English-speaking world

is very good eaten cold. The popularly familiar wording can be attributed to The Godfather by Mario Puzo, a major bestseller in 1969, but the 1949 film Kind Hearts and Coronets had it as revenge is a dish which people of taste prefer to eat cold.

Revenge is a dish best served cold. - there italicized as if quoting a proverbial saying - published in English translation in 1846 as revenge is very good eaten cold. However, like many proverbs, its origins probably go way back, surely before its first appearance in a European book. Therefore, we probably have some flexibility in how we use it. Either "served" or "eaten" will be understood

Revenge is a dish best eaten cold. As word is bruited about that Caroline is seeking appointment for the to-be-vacated . Clinton seat in the Senate (a move that may be designed to exact omerta against the Cuomos for the nasty divorce of Andrew Cuomo and Caroline's cousin, Kerry Kennedy), Steve Gilbert reminds us that Caroline awarded porker and Marine-slanderer John Murtha, the Kennedy family.

An old, widely used phrase expressing the sentiment that revenge that is delayed, and executed well after the heat of anger has dissipated, is more satisfying than revenge taken as an immediate act of rage. It has been frequently been claimed on the Internet to have originated in the novel "Les Liaisons Dangereuses" by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos. In truth, however, there are two problems with the widely circulated quotation from that book. The first is that the phrase does not appear in the novel, or anything else that de Lacois wrote. The second problem is that the French quotation. Historians are not sure where the saying originated, but it means that revenge is best served not fresh after the insult occurred, but after enough time has passed so that the target won't see it coming.

Revenge is like a ghost. It takes over every man it touches. Its thirst cannot be quenched until the last man standing has fallen. That way the whole world will be blind and toothless. Villager and Tevye, Fiddler on the Roof. Somebody once wrote, "Revenge is a dish that has to be eaten cold. Hot as you are, you're liable to end up with indigestion. Ryan (Lee Van Cleef), Death Rides a Horse (Da uomo a uomo) (1968).


1 Interviews 13:42
2 Vengeance Of Hell 4:28
3 Speed Killer 3:40
4 The Demented 3:41
Live Videos
5 Fire Attack 4:54
6 Maximum Destruction 3:01
7 The Tombstones Screams 3:34
8 Heavy Metal Maniac 3:34
9 Bang Your Head / War Allies 9:04
Maniacs Around The World
10 Maniacs Around The World 5:21


  • Artwork, Design – Warlord Design


Limited to 200 copies, issued in a slim DVD case.

Track 8 is actually the song "The Tombstones Screams" which is also on the track 7.