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Wire - Nine Sevens download mp3

Wire - Nine Sevens download mp3
Nine Sevens
Punk, Art Rock, Post-Punk
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18: Wire has the box for sale at pinkflag. com for around 69 gbp. No need to waste 130+ to the vultures. Reply See 2 replies Notify me 1 Helpful.

Wire – Nine Sevens (2018). Posted by NewAlbumReleases. net On May - 4 - 2018. 1 & 2 18 – Let’s Panic Later 19 – Small Electric Piece 20 – 2nd Length (Our Swimmer).

Wire is the self-titled fourteenth studio album by British post-punk band Wire. It was released on 13 April 2015. The material on the album is a combination of songs which were written and performed live on tour preceding the recording and material written by Colin Newman just prior to entering the studio. The band chose eleven songs out of nineteen they’d been preparing, and Newman has stated that the band will issue the remaining material i. second release, probably early next year.

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Nine Sevens is the first of a series of re-releases of Wire's 70's catalogue, released for the first time worldwide on the band's own label pinkflag. The 7 box set itself is a unique collection of Wire 7 s recorded in the period 1977-1980 and includes 6 singles released originally on Harvest, one originally released on Rough Trade and one single recorded in 1980 that was never released on 7'. The 9th item is the EP given away with the first pressings of the album 154. Everything is freshly re-mastered from the original archive analogue sources.

NINE SEVENS is the first of a series of re-releases of Wire's 70's catalogue, released for the first time worldwide on the band's own label pinkflag.

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Wire (Artist) Format: Vinyl. Singles box set with nine 7" singles.


A Mannequin
B1 Feeling Called Love
B2 12XU
C I Am The Fly
D Ex-Lion Tamer
E Dot Dash
F Options R
G Outdoor Miner
H Practice Makes Perfect
I Question Of Degree
J Former Airline
K Map Ref 41°N 93°W
L Go Ahead
M Our Swimmer
N Midnight Bahnhof Café
O1 Song 1
O2 Get Down Parts 1&2
P1 Let's Panic Later
P2 Small Electric Piece
Q 2nd Length (Our Swimmer)
R Catapult 30


Record Store Day exclusive, produced in an edition of 1500.

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  • Barcode: 5024545812602
  • Celak
Just opened and listened to the version I got this weekend. The sleeves all look very nice, and the records sound quite clean. If you watch while they're playing you can see one or two of them are slightly wobbly, but it doesn't affect the sound at all in my case.One thing I did notice, though, was that "Dot Dash" sounded rather distorted. I never owned the original 7" - is it supposed to sound that way?Anyways, well done Wire.
  • Matty
just found it and ordered at amazon.it at 100 euros including shipping to Greece. I'm so happy!
  • Kulafyn
Drastic Plastic Records in Omaha still has copies online selling for $114.00
  • Vrion
In stock right now at Juno UK at retail price ... https://www.juno.co.uk/products/wire-nine-sevens-recorded-1977-80-record/683211-01/
  • Alsantrius
1.5.18: Wire has the box for sale at pinkflag.com for around 69 gbp . No need to waste 130+ to the vultures. https://pinkflag.greedbag.com/buy/nine-sevens/
  • Cordantrius
Interesting, no sales yet on Discogs, but now it's out of stock, even at Pink Flag: https://pinkflag.greedbag.com/buy/nine-sevens/
  • Uriel
Good looking out! I too would rather folks not overpay. You are a hero!
  • Kagalkree
All I hope is that this will lead to a reissue Of pink flag
  • Mautaxe
Special CD editions of the first three WIRE albums are due out in a week or so. However, Pink Flag are releasing those three albums again in June in vinyl and standard CD formats. Happy days.
  • Jorad
Looks like the album re-issues are CD only, but with many additional tracks: http://pinkflag.com/specialeditions/
  • Dianaghma
The first three albums are being reissued on vinyl from their website. I was able to preorder some weeks ago. Then I was told they vanished from the website. Not sure when we'll hear more about this release but I'll try to keep folks posted.
  • salivan
Anyone get warped records in their set? Mine has three that have significant warping.
  • Yadon
Mine were a bit wobbly. Not terrible though. Didn't particularly notice any degradation in sound quality. Most 7"s tend to be a bit more wobbly than your average LP. But yeah, I did notice that.
  • Mbon
After hours of trying to buy this online and a harrowing three hour drive through a torrential downpour in the mountains of North Carolina, I was able to snag a copy of this. It was a bit of an ordeal to get it, and I wish this release were more widely available since a lot of people seem to be having a hard time finding this at a reasonable price. That being said, I must say that I'm glad I was able to get a copy. It was worth all the hassle. The packaging on this release is top notch. All of the 7"s are housed in nicely done picture sleeves. The images are definitely taken from high resolution sources and the card stock is nice and sturdy. I was worried the images on the pic sleeves were going to be blurry or that they were going to be printed on matte paper. Fortunately, this boxset looks every bit of the $100 it retailed for when it was released for RSD 2018. The sound quality, like the packaging, is done with great care and attention to detail. According to the RSD UK website, "Everything is freshly re-mastered from the original archive analogue sources" for this release. I'm not sure if this is meant to imply that the remastering of this release was all analogue or if the source were the original tapes with some sort of digital transfer used in the remastering process. In the end I'm not some sort of all analogue snob. I personally don't care if digital processes are used in a reissue so long as the end result sounds good. This release definitely checks that box for me. I saw a previous reviewer on this page state that they couldn't see how the originals could sound any better than this release. I'm inclined to agree. I don't have originals to compare this to, so I don't know that for sure, but it is really hard to see finding original copies in good enough shape to out perform these without spending thousands of dollars. For my money, this release is probably the way to go even at flipper prices. I've seen this sell on here for as low as $130 and on eBay I've seen it go as high as $250. If you're a diehard Wire fan, it may be worth it to you at those prices. I personally do my best to not support flippers. In my case I decided to drive a pretty good distance to get this. Either way it goes you'll have to pay extra for this release. The only question is whether it costs you the time it takes to track one down for retail or the extra cost you'll pay for the convince of using a flipper.I purchased almost 10 releases for RSD this year, and this one is my favorite. It's definitely one of my favorite reissues of the last few years. I highly recommend it. Good luck finding one.
  • Zulkishicage
not on the sold out list at resident music brighton £70 i got my copy at banquet records kingston queued for 5 hours!
  • Llbery
Retail in the UK was £70 ($98). That's what I paid for it. Not had time to open and play it yet. Almost too good to open but I won't be flipping it either.
  • Anayalore
Seems like retail was about $100 from what I've heard. If someone would be willing to sell me a copy in that range, I'd love to buy it. I'm really trying not to support flippers with this one.Edit:Found a copy at a store about an hour away and drove over to get a copy of this. I actually used to work at the store where I bought this, so it was a good excuse to go back and visit everyone. My advice to everyone still looking for a copy is to call local stores and hope for the best. I haven't had a chance to listen to this, but the packaging looks great. From the looks of it, I'd say this is worth a hundred bucks (which is what I paid). I'll post a review of this later and address the sound quality of this pressing. From what I understand it's supposed to be great.
  • Brakora
I grabbed a copy today (luckily, as I was home in bed with the flu yesterday)! Paid 114.99 retail. Not listened to it yet but am expecting good things, given the other positive reviews.
  • Doukree
I got one from pinkflag a couple of days ago as well, shipping out of London to the US. I paid $116 after shipping and currency conversion. Cannot wait to get it!
  • Coiriel
What was retail for this release? The current asking prices seem crazy, but by how much?Welp, right after I made this post I found answer. Looks like this release originally retailed for about a hundred bucks. Here's the listing for it on Bullmoose with a price of $109http://www.bullmoose.com/p/26904611/wire-nine-sevens-9x7
  • Morlurne
Damn. Wish I could've come across it at that price. I haven't been able to find it anywhere. Oh well, I'm just glad to know I'll come across this at a reasonable price one day. These inflated prices will go down in the coming weeks.
  • Terr
My local shop (Akron OH) sold one copy at $94.00. It would have been about $100 out the door with taxes.
  • inform
I paid $125 taxes included in California - worth factoring taxes in on a high ticket item when looking at true retail.
  • Raniconne
Rough Trade Brooklyn still had copies this morning if these prices are too rich....
Really nice to see sellers here once again trashing RSD. Within a day of this release, scummy bastards here are already asking twice face value. Get a real job you wankers.
  • Whitebinder
Wholeheartedly agree. Retail price should be 100 bones at most, for anyone who needs a reference in order to avoid extortion.
  • Dobpota
Sick effort assembling this collection. My pressings are flawless. They did a fantastic job remastering the material. The wax is clean, the sound vibrant. Was initially turned off by the cost but am glad to have followed through with the purchase. Worth the price when considering how much those used original singles often go for (in good condition).
  • Yozshujind
Picked mine up today. The store I went to miraculously had three copies and I was the third person in line. *Edit* have listened to it since my original post. I concur with realism111. This was well worth the retail price given the superb sound and packaging. It includes a cardboard insert with the track listing. I'm still seeing copies up here for pretty much retail value. Snag those while you can!
  • Nikohn
Amazing release. Worth $300 in my opinion. Sound quality probably outdoes the originals.